Food Trends - available in Central Europe

Anything but boring!
Whether you’re looking for a coffee break, a working lunch or a more classic sit-down buffet, our well-balanced and nutritious meals, produced with fresh as well as local products, will keep your meeting or event as energized as the surroundings.

As part of our existing smart food menu options we have introduced exciting food trends* to bring the latest food and drink fashion to your events. These range from wild street food to new interpretations of grandma’s classics, and from the latest veggie trends to stimulating food for your soul. We want to ensure our menus adapt to your needs and are anything but boring. So spice up your meeting!

Speak to our experienced Meetings & Events teams to discuss those new options best suited to your needs or request a proposal online.

*Our food trends are available in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland

Flexitarian – Vegetables Are Sexy

The trend for meat-free dining is enjoying a global boom. The adaptable menus are anything but boring. Regardless of whether smoked, grilled, roasted or raw, we offer the full veggie flavor! 

  • Meat-free (meat substitutes available)
  • Fish, vegetables and locally sourced seasonal ingredients
  • Asian and Mediterranean inspiration

Tasty Mood – Feed Your Soul

Happiness can be influenced by many things, but can you actually taste it? Oh, yes you can! With the right ingredients the release of endorphins can be boosted, resulting in a positive effect on your mood. Get into your comfort zone and feed your soul! 

  • Rapid increase of serotonin
  • Chili, chocolate, ginger, berries, vanilla, fish and more
  • Carbohydrates, sugar, high fat content 

Land + Place – Taste the Region

With our “back to the roots” motto, we will take you on a journey through grandma’s classics, including traditional recipes from rural kitchens re-interpreted with a modern twist. Taste traditions, taste the region! 

  • Authentic, local, traditional
  • Based on grandma’s classics
  • Unconventional

Wild Sensation – Feel the Flavor

Hip, fresh, authentic and a little bit wild. Taking influence from the street food movement, we bring you big aromas and full flavor with stylish presentation. Go wild with freshly prepared, unconventional dishes to eat with your hands!

  • Big flavors and aromas
  • Local, authentic, hip, fresh
  • Unconventional presentation

Dirty French - Gourmet meets Bistro

A "New French" movement is giving edgy, modern makeovers to classic French dishes. Thus we combine the "Bistro” or “Food to Go" ethos with the desire to experience gourmet cuisine. Fast and funky - pour votre plaisir.

  • “Bien manger” - Eat well
  • Timeless French dishes
  • Gourmet meets fast, bistro-style cuisine

Trendy Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are an essential part of every successful meeting and should bring some culinary creativity to your breaks. With the new themed coffee breaks, inspired by our hip Food Trends, your break will be anything but boring.

  • Flexitarian – Addictive Apple is the healthy choice
  • Tasty Mood – Cheerful Chocolate creates happiness
  • Land + Place – Chic Cinnamon brings native flavors
  • Wild Sensation – Green Galore gives an inspirational boost

  • Flexitarian
  • Tasty Mood
  • Land + Place
  • Wild Sensation
  • Dirty French
  • Addictive Apple
  • Cheerful Chocolate
  • Chic Cinnamon
  • Green Galore